Adult Services

Adult services at the Center for Social Success are short-term and solution-focused. We use a variety of formats such as individual therapy, family therapy, marital therapy, and bio-feedback.  Individual therapy can focus on anger, anxiety, depression, family of origin, dating, marriage, divorce, grief, ADHD, life-transitions or any topic that a person wants to pursue. Through discussion we are able to identify new directions to promote thought and behavior change. Biofeedback helps individuals to gain awareness of the close mind-body connection to problems such as stress, anxiety, anger, and pain.  Couples can work together on pre-marital or marital counseling to explore and strengthen their relationship or address specific problems.  When there is sufficient interest, we can also do groups on special topics such as ADHD adult issues or parenting issues. Our counselors are trained to help adults solve their own problems in more positive and productive ways. For more information on Adult Services please click on the links below: