Covid-19 Response

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CSS Therapy Options during COVID-19 Recovery
Moms’ Support/Professional Advice Groups
Individual and Group Teletherapy Sessions For Children and Teens

CSS Therapy Options During COVID-19 Recovery

Stay at home orders for Texans have expired, but we are not safe from COVID19 yet. We will continue our individual and group teletherapy sessions for as long as needed or preferred. We will also begin to slowly transition some individual sessions back to the office if desired by both therapist and client. Please consult with our office manager, Melissa, or your therapist about what option is both realistic and preferable for you or your child.


  • Your temperature will be taken at the front door with a non-contact infrared thermometer
  • Anyone who has a fever or other virus symptoms or has been exposed to anyone with COVID19 in the past two weeks will not be allowed to attend in-office sessions
  • You will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands before going to the therapy room
  • Masks must be worn during sessions by both therapist and client if the required 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained
  • Masks will be required of anyone remaining in the waiting room.
  • Social distancing will be facilitated by limiting the number of clients in the waiting room to less than 6, spaced 6 feet apart
  • Group sessions will only be conducted via zoom or in outdoor spaces with 5 or fewer clients
  • Car pick up and drop off of children can be arranged
  • Parents will be encouraged to wait in their cars

It will be some time before we are completely back to “business as usual”. We expect to see more freedom and relaxation of safety measures as the number of COVID19 cases is reduced and we have effective immunizations and treatments available. Meanwhile, CSS therapists will all do our best to safeguard your physical and emotional health!

Please call Melissa at 972 404-3001 if you want to discuss treatment options for you and/or your child. We will see you soon either virtually or face to face!

Call us for more information at 972-404-3001

Moms’ Support/Professional Advice Groups

Are you stressed about your new ‘teacher’ job description? Overwhelmed with your kids being home all the time? Worried about your future and what the “new normal” will be like? Anxious because you haven’t had any time for yourself? Guilty because you are letting your kids have much more screen time?

Together we are stronger! Join our virtual weekly Moms’ Support and Professional Advice Group Meetings via Zoom.

We discuss ways to decrease anxiety in ourselves as well as our children/teens, stress management techniques, behavior management/parenting advice, ways to combat sibling rivalry, and strategies to develop healthy routines and memorable rituals for the whole family.

MONDAYS 2:30-3:30 PM
Hosted by-
Holly Fedro LCSW
Taylor Davis LPC-I

TUESDAYS 1:00-2:00 PM.
Hosted by-
Erin Lozano, LPC-S, RPT-S
Ellen Storm-Johannsen, LPC

Groups will continue as long as COVID19 remains a threat and Dallas families are sheltering at home.

Individual and Group Teletherapy Sessions For Children And Teens

Therapists at the Center for Social Success are busy providing individual and group teleplay and teletherapy sessions for children, tweens, and teens during the COVID crisis. Virtual Zoom sessions are an easily adapted format for teens and adults. Our early childhood specialists are also providing creative and interactive formats for our younger clients to help ensure their focus and participation.

Individual teletherapy sessions also work well with children when paired with parental involvement to encourage follow-through at home.

We are here to help children and families during this challenging time when most of us continue to stay at home and have worries about the future. Online platforms like Zoom enable us to be isolated together in a fun, effective, and convenient new virtual environment!

Call us today for more information about our teletherapy and teleplay individual and group sessions for children and teens. Our current group schedule is listed below.

4:30 Boys Group ages 8-10
4:30 Boys Group ages 9-12
5:30 Girls Group ages 7-9
5:30 Girls Group ages 14-15

2:30 Girls Group ages 6-8

5:30 Boys group ages 15-17

10:00 Boys Group ages 13-14
12:00 Boys Group age 12
12:00 Girls Group ages 11-14
1:00 Girls Group ages 13-16

Issues addressed include COVID concerns, homeschooling challenges, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, wellness and coping skills, family/peer relations, teen issues, and social skills.

Center for Social Success