Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a physiological response that alerts us to danger or threat.  It can be a helpful response, but it can also have a detrimental impact on your life and health if it becomes too great.  Anxiety can lead to depression, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence.  It can also impact your ability to function at work, socially, or at home.  If you find yourself avoiding situations that cause discomfort, freezing in social situations, feeling dissatisfied with your performance, experiencing excessive fears or worries, or dealing with specific phobias or panic attacks, we can help.  Therapists at the Center for Social Success focus on relaxation training, setting realistic expectations, mindfulness, mind-body awareness, relinquishing control over the un-controllable, and assertiveness training.  We offer sessions in an individual format through traditional talk-therapy with a CBT emphasis or Biofeedback Training to gain awareness and control over your body’s reaction to stress and anxiety.

Whether you are experiencing a major depression that is impeding your ability to currently function, or have a chronic, general sense of dissatisfaction or numbness, you CAN experience life more fully.  We employ CBT techniques to challenge negative thinking patterns and to help identify isolating patterns in your life that may be contributing to your condition. Depression is a life-long battle, but with the tools to fight it, you can learn to identify and control the symptoms so they do not control you.