Adult Services
Adult services are short term and solution focused. Individual, family, or couples counseling can address a wide variety of issues such as anger, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, ADHD, dating, life transitions, marriage enrichment, divorce, blended family, or family of origin issues.
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Child, Teen, Family Services
Child, teen, and family services provide practical, new strategies to old problems through the use of play therapy, sibling therapy, social skills groups, home visits, school consultations, bullying interventions, parent education, and positive home behavior plans.
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Animal-Assisted Therapy
Our animal assisted therapy program utilizes hypo-allergenic, non-shedding puppies to teach, calm, and motivate our clients. This is only one of the ways we teach social skills while at the same time making therapy fun and exciting!
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Social Skills Groups
Social skills groups are the best way to help children make and keep friends and deal with teasing. They are also a great source of support and encouragement to children who feel socially isolated or rejected by their peers.
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Ask Dr. Susan – Peer Problems
Why do some children have problems making and keeping friends? Children at risk for peer problems are typically either shy and withdrawn or loud and aggressive. They may under or overreact to others because of their basic personality style, or because they have a tendency to be anxious, moody, or impulsive. Children with language delays, Continue Reading
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Ask Dr. Susan – Behavioral Problems
What types of behavior problems are common among children? There are two basic categories of misbehavior: willful and non-willful. Willful misbehavior is when a child does something he knows he shouldn’t do, but does it anyway. Examples are physical assaults (e.g. hitting, kicking, etc) and verbal disrespect (e.g. screaming, arguing, refusing, and name calling). Non-willful Continue Reading
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Individual Therapy
We use a short term, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) approach to help children, adolescents, and adults think more positively, act more productively, and feel more confident. Practical, effective strategies are identified to help people learn how to solve problems more effectively.
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Adoption Issues
We provide assistance to promote normal parent-child bonding and address problems associated with Reactive Attachment Disorder.
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