Child, Teen, Family Services

Child, teen, and family therapy services provide practical, new strategies to solve old problems through the use of play therapy, sibling therapy, social skills groups, home visits, school consultations, bullying interventions, parent education, and positive home behavior plans.  Many different therapy formats are offered, including:  individual (play therapy or talking therapy, depending on the child’s age), sibling, peer group, parent training, and family therapy. Individual therapy with a very young child is provided through play to address issues like anger, anxiety, and divorce. Talk therapy is incorporated when the child is old enough to express their feelings in words as well as actions. Both types of therapy are designed to help a child express his or her feelings and learn to deal with difficult situations in more healthy and respectful ways. Sibling therapy is used when there is excessive conflict between brothers and sisters.  Each child is given the opportunity to express their frustration regarding specific behaviors of their brothers/sisters and each is helped to see the others point of view.  They are then guided to solve their problems in a more positive way. Peer groups are used to address common problems — like divorce or adoption — or facilitate friendship making. In the social skills groups, challenges like starting conversations, picking up on social cues, breaking into new groups, solving conflicts, rebuilding reputations, and dealing with teasing/bullying are commonly discussed. Parent training is used to help parents better understand their child’s personality style, learning and attention problems, and reasons for acting out as well as to teach new, positive ways to most effectively address issues with family, friends, and teachers. For more information about our specific Child, Teen, and Family Services please click on the links below: