Individual Therapy

Short term, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the primary counseling approach used by therapists at the Center for Social Success to help clients achieve their individual goals. The assumption underlying this form of therapy is that how we think determines how we feel and how we act. Educational strategies are used to change the way clients think about themselves and how they make choices. Practical, effective strategies are offered as alternative ways to respond more successfully.  A positive approach to behavior change is emphasized and individual goals are developed to monitor progress.

A person-oriented approach is also emphasized at the Center for Social Success. We respect individual differences and the client’s right to be heard and have their feelings and concerns validated. We realize the choice to change rests within the individual, and we see our role as facilitators to help clients achieve their own personal goals.

The Center for Social Success is also very family-systems oriented. We believe the behavior of each member of a family has ripple effects on other members of the family. Negative behavior patterns can result and be hard to recognize and change.  If desired, we are happy to involve other family members in the therapy process, not just the “identified client”. For example, we can involve a partner or spouse when an individual is in therapy so the partner can better understand the role he or she is playing and be in a better position to recognize and support positive changes in the relationship.  Individual therapy is most appropriate to address issues such as stress, anger, anxiety, grief, and depression.