Divorce/Blended Families

One in every two marriages ends in divorce.  When the decision has been made to divorce, it is critical for parents to safeguard their children’s emotional health. They should agree to keep their child’s routine as consistent as possible, argue in private, avoid negative remarks about each other, allow contact with the other parent in between visits, share toys and other possessions between homes, introduce new partners slowly, and continue to be actively involved in their child’s life.  We can help divorced parents communicate positively about their child’s needs, compromise on solutions, and transition into separate lives as successfully as possible.  We see children individually to encourage honest communication about their fears and desires and to help them talk to their parents about what they need and want.  Divorce is never easy, but we can help avoid further trauma by advocating for the child and serving as an objective resource for parents.  If, or when, remarriage is contemplated we can also help smooth the way for positively integrating new spouses and other family members.