Sibling Therapy

Sibling conflict is a normal phenomenon – but it can get out of control to the point where brothers and sisters are at risk for physical and/or psychological harm. We meet with each child individually, and then bring the siblings together to discuss specific grievances and develop a plan to fight less and enjoy each other more. A written contract is then signed between both parties. Parents are involved to learn about the agreements made and ways to positively support and enforce these agreements. This can usually be accomplished in 4-6 sessions.

Common topics of discussion are:

  • Teasing and put-downs
  • Embarrassing each-other in front of friends
  • Tattling to get each-other into trouble
  • Taking / breaking each-other’s things
  • Invading each-other’s space
  • Annoying / demanding excessive attention
  • Interrupting during phone conversation or homework
  • Bossy / demanding behavior
  • Failure to share