Behavior Mangement

The Center for Social Success offers behavior management training to help reduce parent-child conflicts at home. Some examples of problem behaviors are rude talk, hitting and hurting, sibling rivalry, potty training, homework issues, getting ready on time in the mornings, staying in bed at night, doing chores, and practicing an instrument.

Basic behavior management training for parents can usually be accomplished in 4-6 sessions. Each session covers a different topic and includes specific strategies to use at home. The topics for behavior management include positive approaches to change behavior, how and when to use punishment, structure and rewards to increase compliance, managing behavior in public places, and anticipating future behavior problems.

Although all parents could benefit from learning some behavior management techniques, some children are more challenging than others. For example, children who are strong willed, aggressive, and those who have been diagnosed as ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. Teenagers can also be especially difficult!  Some indications that it is time to seek help are:

  • When you are punishing your child/teen more than you are praising
  • When you scream & yell constantly
  • Your child/teens automatic response to requests is “NO!” or “NO WAY!”
  • You are unhappy enough to wish you could be a runaway parent
  • It is difficult to talk positively about your child/teen
  • You stay home fearing your child will misbehave in public
  • Your child/teen has frequent angry outbursts
  • Life may not be that bad, but could be better!